Dear Brodee,

Fredrick Gaines, I thank you!  I thank you because you are my inspiration.  It may have took me years to do it. But its here, the beginning, the start of something new.  My brother, my best friend, my angel, I feel the wind beneath your wings when you fly by. You are the inspiration behind Innocent Youth, so I dedicate this to you.  Its unfortunate, that your gone, but you will never be forgotten.  Let’s help transform our youth to overcome the stagnation of which has been implemented in them today.  We are no God’s, but we are Prophets!  So help me INSPIRE, LEAD and TEACH!  I love you brodee!  May you always rest in peace!


This section is dedicated to Fredrick Gaines, the reason why Innocent Youth is here today.  But if you would like to recocgnize the loss of a loved one please contact us at the link below.

Please note that Innocent Youth is pending it's 501(c)(3) Federal Tax Exempt status. Any contributions made at this time to Innocent Youth are not tax deductible. While Innocent Youth is a Non-Profit organization, any contributions at this time will be for the sole purpose of providing excellent and honest service to our disadvantaged youth in our communities.